7 Garage Storage and Organization Ideas

Finally, your house is clean; everything is in its proper place off the floor on the right shelf and hung up. Then you look at your garage. Every thing that did not fit into the house you dumped into the garage. If your garage needs a serious overhaul, then follow these simple tips to organize and declutter your garage.

Declutter with Ideal Wall

  • Floor space is scarce. So why not go vertical with Ideal Wall. Ideal Wall is a slatwall panel system designed to for most any hooks baskets and shelves. Hang large gardening tools, your sports equipment, and even your bicycle. When you are able to make use of your existing wall and get things off the ground, you free up space for more important things like your vehicle. Be sure you use appropriate hooks for your heavier tools.

Sort related items together in cabinets or on shelves

  • Sorting your gardening tools, holiday decorations, sports gear, and home maintenance tools together will make finding and putting away those items much easier. Say you have a lot of tools or holiday decorations, install adjustable shelves or cabinets close to where those items are needed to eliminate the clutter on the floor.

Divert attention away from clutter

  • Your garage is organized. But an organized mess, not really appealing to the eye but it’s the best that can be done. Painting a garage can make an organized garage seem like dazzling. Hang inexpensive chandeliers from the ceiling to create the illusion of a livable space. Turn a wall into an eye-catching space with decorative hooks for your coats, hats, and scarves and racks for muddy boots. Another inexpensive and less time consuming way to conceal garage storage is to hang curtains around your storage.

Add storage options

  • There is an abundance of garage shelving and cabinet options. Make sure you buy enough shelving or cabinetry to store your items while still having room for a workbench and a spot to park your car. We have a lot of stuff and sometimes having enough storage, a workbench and a spot to park your car is not feasible. With Bench Solution it is. Bench Solution is a folding workbench that is mounted to the wall that folds away when not in use allowing you to easily and safely have that storage, have that workbench, and park your car. It is the best of both worlds.

Take advantage of the ceiling

  • Once again hanging your tools and equipment can declutter your space. This time go even higher by hanging your bicycles and bigger sporting gear like kayaks and canoes.

Install floor tiles to keep dirt outside

  • Install garage floor tile to keep the dirt at bay while adding a nice decorative touch to what always seems to be dirty like floor. Just another way to divert the attention away from the clutter.

Reuse and repurpose

  • Use items form around the house to help you organize. An old filing cabinet can be transformed into a storage bing for yard tools. Repurpose trash cans for soil, salt and sand. Add a scoop for easy measuring and you have yourself easy and inexpensive storage.

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