How to Make the Most of Your Folding Workbench

Space is precious in a busy, full garage. You want to ensure you have room for the car, tools, and sports equipment, right? Bench Solution folding workbench is the perfect solution for a garage with limited space. In between weekend projects and quick fixes, Bench Solution folding workbench folds Read more [...]

Space Saving Ideas: How to Keep Your Garage Organized

A garage is a great place to keep your expensive investments like cars and tools safe from the elements. But what if the car can’t in the garage and the tools are nowhere to be found? Sounds like time for a day dedicated to organizing the garage. Tedious as it may sound, with these simple space Read more [...]

Space Saving Ideas: Organizing Your Sports Equipment

The great modern debate of what sport is truly America’s pastime has gained momentum in popular presses. Football, baseball, basketball (and any number of additional sports) all captivate the country during their respective seasons. And America excels at both participation and celebration of these Read more [...]

Garage Ideas: The Well-Organized Garage

The warm weather means excuses to get our home, yards, and lives ready for enjoying the summer are quickly melting away. Perhaps it is time to get started on fixing the whirling buzz your car is making or tinker on a motorcycle. Maybe the sun is calling for some time spent landscaping and gardening. Read more [...]

Spring Cleaning Tips – Part 1 Home Organization

Part 1


As the weather turns warmer, your list of activities that you have been looking forward to doing has grown—hibernation is over! And you are likely ready to get yourself and your home ready for the adventures of spring. As you shed the weight of the winter, you are also probably Read more [...]

Space Saving Ideas: Workspace Organization Ideas

No doubt you’ve heard the phrase: a place for everything and everything in its place. It’s a guiding principle for the Lean 5S system, a system designed to identify and eliminate waste caused by searching for information, equipment, and tools.

Being organized simply saves time. It also boosts Read more [...]

Space Saving Ideas: IdealWall Garage Organizer

De-clutter your garage with an IdealWall. This slatwall is a great tool to organize your garage. The unique design, attractive look, and durability is a perfect addition in the garage. Its design allows you to lock brackets so you can store your garage items on the wall.

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IdealWall Read more [...]

Space Saving Ideas: Furniture for Small Apartments, Lofts or Dorm Rooms

Are you frustrated with the lack of space in your apartment? Do you want to transform your loft into an extra room or office? Are you away at college living in a dorm room with lack of space? Don’t sweat it! There are many space saving ideas for furniture and storage units that will help create space.

With Read more [...]