Creative Gift Ideas for Different Types of Guys

When it comes to guys, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to buying gifts. Men, more now than ever, have unique interests and it can be a little trickier that find that perfect gift for him. With that in mind, we put together some great gift ideas for various types of guys. Hopefully, it will make your holiday shopping a little less stressful, or at the very least, it will spark an idea that you might not have considered.

1. The Garage Guy

Price: $399.99

Folding workbench and slatwallFor men who enjoy the occasional DIY project and take pride in their garage, we recommend this heavy-duty, folding workbench by Bench Solution. It’s not your typical clunky, space-hogging workbench. It is wall-mounted, and easily collapses to the “down position” when not in use, taking up a mere 4 inches of space. Give the man in your life a unique and thoughtful gift he will truly appreciate, without having to sacrifice valuable floor space in your garage.

2. The Fitness Buff

Price: $269.89

Polar RC3 GPS watchWant to look like a gift purchasing genius? Check out the new GPS-integrated watch with smart coaching from heart monitoring specialists Polar, a must-have for any serious runner, biker, triathlete, or cardio fiend. The all-in-one system includes cycling-specific speed and cadence sensors, along with an app that lets you sync up online to analyze your routes and monitor progress. Oh yeah—it even gives you feedback after your run to tell you how awesome you are (or how you can improve). If only all trainers could fit around our wrist like this. (

3. The Techy Guy

Price: $103.00

Wooden iPhone 5 case by minion.comIf your man is an iPhone guy, the iWood 5 is a unique gift idea to consider. Closely matching the design of the iPhone, it’s thin yet sturdy, and the facetted curves
give a solid grip to your iPhone. Wood is transparent to all iPhone 5 sensors, so optimal performance is guaranteed. The fit is perfect. All buttons are recreated in wood and all ports easily accessible.

4. The Sports Guy

Price: $199.95

Custom engraved table with Hawkeye logoWhen shopping for a sports enthusiast, here’s a really unique idea that will be sure to surprise him. Choose from a variety of custom engraved tables, including coffee tables, pub table, and dining/rec tables. Products are available in black, cherry, walnut and maple finishes. This is certain to be a great addition to his man cave.

5. The Well-Dressed Guy

Price: $375.00

Brown Sport CoatWhile the tie might be one of the most common gifts for guys (and with the right tie, it’s hard to go wrong), a sharp brown sport coat is a gift that will certainly be appreciated if you are shopping for a guy who takes pride in his appearance. With the emergence of business casual, sport coats have become one of the most versatile garments in men’s fashion.

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