Garage Ideas: The Well-Organized Garage

Garage Organization | Folding Workbench & Slatwall

The warm weather means excuses to get our home, yards, and lives ready for enjoying the summer are quickly melting away. Perhaps it is time to get started on fixing the whirling buzz your car is making or tinker on a motorcycle. Maybe the sun is calling for some time spent landscaping and gardening. Or perhaps this is the chance to get a jump start on some improvements around the house: refinish the deck, remodel a bathroom, or redo the kitchen. Regardless of the task on your list, you want to be able to use your garage as the center for home improvement. But don’t let the seemingly infinite functions of your garage (e.g., parking your car, storing your tools, stowing the family sporting equipment, and holding holiday décor among many others) prevent you from getting whatever tasks sit on your to-do list. A well-organized garage can provide your family the space to do everything. And these garage organization ideas can be just the key to creating a garage that let you spring into action.

The key to the perfect garage is understanding the functions and distinguishing the space. The first garage idea that must be resolved is to make a list of all the work you need your garage to accomplish for your life. And then figuring out what space in your garage would be the most ideal for that task. You want to establish a relationship between the tasks and the garage door you are likely to use. For example, tools should be in a space convenient in the center of the garage because you are likely to use them in and outside of the house while family sporting equipment should be stored closer to the external garage door because they are likely used outside. And you want to put storage that does not need to be accessible in places that are not as obvious. The following are some additional garage organization ideas that will make your garage the ideal center for all of your needs.


Obviously the primary function of a garage is for parking cars. The second greatest function of a garage is providing a space for doing projects and home-improvements. You want to set up a workspace that can be positioned in the center of your garage so that your work can be ready to go inside or outside of the house. And you want the space to large enough that you can safely and completely finish all tasks. So a garage idea that puts your workspace in the center of the room without preventing you from parking your car can be difficult to manage.

Folding Workbench

The garage idea that makes a workspace functional without overtaking the entire garage: a folding workbench. A full-sized spacious work space that can hold up to 400 pounds when necessary can fold down to store tightly against the wall. This garage organization idea provides ample work space for your D-I-Y projects and collapse to almost nothing when not in use. This is the perfect, and relatively inexpensive, compromise for both of the major demands for your garage. Bench Solution has the perfect design for your garage.

Tool Storage

IdealWall | Slatwall Garage Organization

Finding the space to store the tools for your workspace (and around the house) can be cumbersome. A key garage organization idea to save you time and money is finding a way to store your home items on the walls of a garage (particularly above a folding workbench). A garage idea that makes sense is to use the space of your garage to make these items visible (so they are readily available) but off the floor and out of walkways. You want to find a storage system more advanced than just placing shelves and boxes on the walls. You need a wall mounted system that keeps your garage clutter-free but still keeps items readily available.

Bench Solutions provides two ways to customize your garage to fit your own needs. IdealWall is the most versatile wall panel organization system on the market. It gives users the ability to tailor the walls of their garage to fit their needs. It is easy to install and maintain…making it an ideal garage organization idea. The extensive line of Slatwall accessories work perfectly with the IdealWall for you to customize your garage with a range of products: baskets, hooks, racks, shelves, bins, and Shulte products. This wall storage system will make your garage easy to organize and keep your tools accessible year round.

Holiday/Seasonal Storage

The key to an organized garage is having a sense of how you will use the items you are storing in a garage. Your car is something you will move in and out of your garage daily so that needs to stay the most accessible. You also have items, such as tools or sporting equipment, which you want easy access to when needed. You want to prioritize items so that your storage location matches your use. And items, such as seasonal or holiday decorations, are items that you are likely to only need a couple of times a year. You want to find a storage location that makes them accessible those isolated instances when needed without being an obstacle the remainder of the year.

Using the spaces above your garage for items not used regularly can be the most solid of the garage organization ideas. You can use the rafters to create an overhead garage storage space for the items you seldom use. This keeps these seasonal objects out of the way and maintains an unobstructed working space for the rest of the year.

Additional Storage

The remnants of your garage organization can easily be stowed in utility cabinets. These cabinets can be useful for storing items that need safe-keeping from unintentional audiences like children and pets (e.g., paint remnants, pesticides, vehicle supplies). These can also be the ideal storage space for items which would otherwise dirty up a garage (e.g., messy sporting equipment). You can use utility cabinets to isolate and contain the items that would otherwise be difficult to store in your garage.

The garage is the center of the work you do in and for your home. You want to keep your garage functional and aesthetically pleasing. The small investment of organizing your garage (particularly with the proper products) can pay off in dividends. You can not only complete the tasks on your to do list, you can check them off with time to spare. Time that you can spend enjoying the beautiful summer.

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  1. I really like the way this garage is organized and designed. It was such a great idea to hang up the bikes and a basket for sports equipment. My husband and I seem to be running out of space in our garage and after seeing this, I think it would be best if started to reorganize everything.

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