Space Saving Ideas: Bench Solution the Perfect Garage Makeover

Are you looking for the perfect space saving ideas for your home and garage? Then you need a Bench Solution and IdealWall are perfect for any home organization project.

See how Matt and Mandy transformed their small, cluttered garage with an organization makeover from Bench Solution.

Add more work space with sacrificing the floor space. Get a Bench Solution “The Fold-Away Workbench!

Video Transcript

Bench Solution | Garage Makeover

If you’re thinking of purchasing Bench Solution or IdealWall for your home stay tuned will introduce you to Matt and Mandy Skinner and show you how they transformed their small uncluttered garage.

Meet Matt and Mandy Skinner, they moved into their two-story home just over a year ago and they’ve already filled their small two stall garage with enough clutter well with enough to drive Mandy crazy.

I keep telling Matt we need to do something with all this stuff I mean it is so cluttered I can hardly get Page in and out of the car and when I pull in and see that kitchen cabinet that you’ve been using as a workbench, what is wrong with that, it drives me crazy. So it is out with the old and in with the new. We will give Matt a real work-bench and Mandy a piece of mind. Time for a garage organization makeover.

Organize Your Garage

Matt what is the store with the kitchen cabinets, oh they came with the house when we purchased it about a year ago. As you can see they take up a lot of room there is no need for it. Well I can see with the car and the lawn tools and some other items there is not really a whole lot of space to move around. Mandy what would you like to see done here? Organized, I need the clutter gone it’s driving me crazy.

I’m thinking getting rid of the kitchen cabinets and the countertops and we install a foldaway workbench, okay that when it is foldaway down there’s enough space to move around in here and to get some other items through. We will get rid of this all together and we will maximize this wall space by installing another product for you guys are going to love. Okay, there is so much to do, lets say we get started. Lets do it!

Bench Solution & IdealWall

To clear up the clutter in Matt’s and Mandy’s small two stall garage, we are using two products, Bench Solution and IdealWall. By removing the old kitchen cabinets and replacing it with Bench Solution Matt and Mandy will have an on demand workbench that’s strong, safe and takes no space.

Fold-Away Workbench

Installing Bench Solution is going to be really easy. The first thing we’re going want to do is determine the height of your workbench. Keep in mind about thirty six to thirty nine inches is pretty much the standard, any ideas. Uh m…I would want the highest, I will go with the thirty nine inches. By using the easy to follow instruc-tions, Bench Solution is simple to install.

Guys that is it. It was quick and it was easy to install, like I said and here is your Bench Solution. I want to talk about some of the great features with Bench Solution, first of all it’s very strong, able to hold up to four hun-dred pounds. Matt come on and want you to hop up here. Alright, one of the most important features to Bench Solution is its safety. Mandy kick that leg, and the only way Bench Solution will fold down is by releasing both of the safety handles. Hope down I wanted to show you something else. This is my favorite feature of Bench Solution. Like I mention, it folds away just less than four inches away from the wall when you are done with it.

Garage Organization

Now we are ready to get your garage organized. Now we will install IdealWall. IdealWall is easy to install and in no time at all you will have a complete organization solution that is durable, attractive and easy to clean.

What I really like most about IdealWall is the versatility of this product. IdealWall works with all L-shape hooks, baskets, shelving and including most peg board style accessories.

Before, Matt and Mandy’s garage lacked organization. We removed the old kitchen cabinets and replaced them with Bench Solution, the fold-away workbench. Then we installed IdealWall giving the garage an entirely new look.

Now with IdealWall everything is organized, it’s up off the floor, and it looks great and with Bench Solution, when I’m done using it. It just folds away and there is plenty room for the car and I did get rid of those old kitchen cabinets.

Give your garage an organizational makeover today. All the products featured in this video can be found on website Thanks for watching and we hope you find the perfect solution for your home.

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