Garage Man Cave Ideas on a Budget

What’s the idea behind having a cool garage, shop, or man cave to hang out in? You want a space to escape from everyone, that’s relaxing to YOU, and is decorated to YOUR liking, regardless what your girlfriend, fiancée, or girlfriend thinks. The following list is intended to help you achieve the manly space you’ve always wanted. Take a look – you might come away with a few new ideas.


garage man cave ideasFoam Floor

Nobody wants to spend their time squaring, leveling, and finishing a hardwood floor when they can opt for the less expensive and easier to install foam flooring solution. Don’t spend time working on your man cave, spend time enjoying. These Interlocking EVA foam tiles feature a soft printed wood grain laminate surface and attached foam with the density that is suitable for moderate padding in light traffic areas. Foam flooring is typically made of tiles measuring 24″ x 24″ x 3/8″ and includes two detachable borders that make them extremely easy to install.


garage man cave ideasTire Table

Yes, you read that right. Repurposing owned items is an easy way to fill up any man cave. By taking an old tire, a little plywood, threaded rod, washers, and some bolts, you can create a nice table to set your preferred beverage on. This table is completely customizable and allows you to match any theme you have in your man cave


garage man cave ideasLiquor Dispenser

What’s the best way to make your man cave ooze masculinity? A liquor dispenser you make with your bare hands! This beautiful contraption allows you pour your favorite drink with little more than a pull of the lever, and helps you reach a new level of sophistication. You can arrange the dispenser in any configuration you choose, creating an intriguing bar installation or just a simple drink pourer that makes life easier. Even if you aren’t exactly mechanically inclined, this is a great project to challenge yourself a little bit.


garage man cave ideasTurn a dresser into a TV stand

If you enjoy working with your hands and saving a bit of money, this project is the perfect combination for you. Turning an old dresser into a TV stand is a great way to repurpose an older piece of furniture and spend a little time in the shop. This project may take an entire day, or you can spread it out over the course of multiple weekends. The best part is that the finished product is likely to turn out really well, good enough to look like it was purchased at a local big-box store.


Pallet Coffee Table

Like a rustic look? Pallet wood has quickly become a popular building material and can be found for free in almost every city. Check out this build for a basic table design and a cool customization technique. This table is a great way to get your creative juices flowing, leading you to the perfect design for your space.


garage an cave ideas on a budgetWall decor

Your space is supposed to be a partial reflection of you, giving visitors something to laugh at, think about, or admire. Wall décor can do it all, just select what fits your taste and start hanging them up.


garage an cave ideas on a budgetLiquor Soap Dispenser and Lamp

Have you killed a bottle of your favorite spirits lately? Great! Now you can use it as a hand soap dispenser. This project is pretty simple since all you’ll need to do is create an empty liquor bottle and buy a bottle of liquid hand soap. Just remember to choose the nicest pump you can find to match your bottles.


garage an cave ideas on a budgetLED Light Bulb Speakers

The beauty of technology is that it’s always shifting and providing innovative new products. You may not think of light bulbs as being exciting or revolutionary but there is now a line of LED light bulbs that incorporate a Bluetooth speaker directly into them. These LEDs may even come with a remote that allows you to adjust the light in multiple bulbs and control the Bluetooth connected music. This is definitely a way to make your space unique from a tech standpoint.


There you have it, a few ways to get your hands dirty and make your sanctuary a bit more enjoyable. If nothing else, you’ll have a good time trying to come up with a new addition to your space. Happy building!

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