Garage Slatwall Accessories for Sports Equipment Storage

Sports Equipment Storage

With garage space at a premium, it’s important to look for efficient ways to store your wide collection of sports equipment, ranging from baseball bats, bicycles, golf clubs, basketballs and fishing poles. These are all extremely common items for families to store in their garage, but oftentimes, sports equipment like this goes unused for much of the year, so keeping them conveniently stored is essential to freeing up valuable garage space. A great way to go about this is to utilize unused wall space to store these items by installing a slatwall system and using variety of specialized slatwall accessories.

With that in mind, let’s highlight some slatwall accessories that are particularly useful for storing sports equipment in your garage.

Large Mesh Basket for Sports Balls

Large Mesh Sports Basket for Slatwall

Basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, volleyballs and other miscellaneous items can add up quickly, and they all seem to have a knack for cluttering up your garage…and even hiding out underneath automobiles. This large mesh basket by Schulte is great option to keep all the balls stored in one convenient, easy-to-access location.

Golf Clubs and Equipment Storage Rack

Golf Bag Storage Rack

If you are like me, you don’t have the opportunity to golf nearly as much as you’d like. Golf bags and equipment can take up quite a bit of space…especially if there are multiple golfers in your family. Some people simply lean them up against the corner of the garage. Naturally, this lends itself to the bags tipping over, smashing against the ground, causing damage to the clubs. This golf equipment storage rack is a terrific option to keep the clubs stored safely on the wall, easily accessibly, and freeing up floor space.

Baseball and Softball Bat Storage Rack

Baseball bat storage rack

This bat rack by Schulte is a nice solution to keep baseball and softball bats stored neatly in one location. You will no longer find yourself scrambling to find a missing bat before the next baseball game or practice.

Bicycle Storage Rack

Bike Storage Rack and Basket

Bicycles can be one of the biggest space hogs in your garage. They get leaned up against all the wrong things and commonly tip over causing damage to a nearby vehicle. Some people opt to store them on the ceiling, but this can be a huge hassle if you or your family members bike even semi-frequently. This bike rack and basket is a very useful storage solution for bikes, and the basket provides a convenient location to store water bottles and other biking accessories.

Fishing Pole Storage Rack

Fishing Pole Storage Rack

Fishing poles can be easily damaged if they aren’t stored properly. A fishing pole rack is a great slatwall accessory to have in your arsenal. It allows for convenient and safe storage for fishing poles, ensuring that your next fishing expedition doesn’t start off on a sour note due to a broken pole.

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