10 Great Gifts for Woodworkers

Now that you’ve gotten all of your Christmas shopping done…oh, you haven’t? Not to worry, we’ve compiled a list so you can quickly and easily finish up your shopping for the woodworkers you know. A seasoned craftsman generally doesn’t get exactly what he wants, so following this list is the only way to avoid giving the gift of disappointment.


woodworking gifts1. Digital Tape Measurer

If you’d like to get a luxury item for the serious woodworker on your list, look no further than the digital tape measure. This is a great gift idea for many reasons and will be shown off to anyone who enters their shop. First off, this tape measure eliminates the guesswork that sometimes comes along with measuring. If the recipients’ eyes aren’t as good as they used to be or they need metric measurements on occasion, the digital tape measure is perfect for them. Maybe you know someone who makes elaborate wooden creations and needs precise measurements, but can’t quite justify stepping up to a digital tape – but you can.

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gifts for woodworkers2. Magnet Wristband

This magnet wristband has 16 impressively strong magnets that help hold onto the screws, nails, nuts, bolts and more that you CAN’T afford to drop or lose. A magnet wristband is a great gift idea for not only woodworkers but upholstery professionals, machinists, computer repairmen and installation specialists as well. It functions as a helpful accessory by allowing users to keep small metal objects within reach while attending to other tasks at hand, such as using a drill, climbing a ladder, positioning shingles or taking measurements.

Each magnet wristband is made of a durable nylon material and equipped with a strong hook-and-loop Velcro strap that securely wraps around the wrist. These magnetic wristbands are incredibly easy to wear while working, sewing or crafting, and can adjust to fit almost any wrist size.

Not having to worry about dropping an important tool, or reach into a pocket for more fasteners is only a dream for most. Giving the gift of a magnet wristband will put you in the good graces of the recipient for years to come.

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woodworking gifts3. Woodfather Shirt

Woodworkers are always in need of work-clothes to wear while perfecting their craft, so giving the gift of a funny carpenter shirt is always a safe bet. This shirt is lightweight, classic fit, double-needle sleeve, and a bottom hem that lets everyone know the recipient is serious about their love of woodworking.

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woodworking gifts4. Cookie Grippers

Bench Dog Bench Cookie work grippers are versatile, non-slip bench pads that feature high-friction rubber surfaces and a durable core. These are the most versatile accessories to hit wood shops in years. They keep projects from slipping while routing, sanding, carving and more.

Each Bench Dog Bench Cookie is coated with a non-marring, bristly rubber pad. Similar to the material found on most router mats, these high-friction pads help grip projects firmly in place. For example, if you are planing a piece of wood, you can use Bench Cookies to create a balanced surface that won’t slip.

These Bench Cookies have such a strong grip; in fact, they will securely hold a workpiece when you’re sanding with a 60-grip belt. And because of their non-marring design, Bench Dog Bench Cookies won’t leave behind unsightly marks like clamps often do.
In addition to holding your workpieces in place, Bench Cookies also work to elevate your projects. Measuring three inches in diameter and one inch in height, they give you extra vertical clearance and take up minimal surface area. They provide a hassle-free alternative to clamping and allow you to rout the edges of a workpiece with plenty of clearance to spare.

They also make finishing a piece much easier, as you are able to freely brush and varnish the edges of your wood without obstruction. For the best results, always use four bench cookies to elevate or stabilize your project.

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gifts for woodworkers5. Woodworking Book

What kind of community has citizens who trade wives for joiner’s tools? The person you gift this book to will have to read the book to find out! When they do, they’ll also read about a prominent, highly respected citizen who shouted unprintable epithets while drenching a young woman and her kids with a garden hose on Main Street, a dog who trained his master to steal sheep, a 12 foot vampire mummy, several “shady ladies” who conned unwary men out of their money, not to mention tales of gory murder, anarchy, prison escapes, and uncontrolled lust, greed, and gluttony. Jackson, Michigan; just your typical 19th Century, Midwestern village. If you know someone who enjoys working with their hands and a little bit of history, this book is a great choice for them.

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christmas gifts for woodworkers6. Laser Square

One of the most versatile tools a handyman can have in the toolbox is a laser square. This innovative product can help you produce straight and accurate lines when laying tile, hanging pictures, cutting drywall, and many more projects around the house. This laser square projects horizontal and vertical lines on any surface, has an alignment guide for a 90-degree layout, and can calculate and turn angles in 5-degree increments. It’s extremely easy to use with a one-button operation that powers two perpendicular laser lines at 90-degrees and can adhere to smooth surfaces using a non-abrasive adhesive. Giving this laser as a gift will make easy work out of future projects for whoever you gift it to.

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christmas gifts for woodworkers7. Glue Bottle

It may seem trivial but a good glue bottle can have a real impact on what someone is able to produce in their shop. A glue bottle will not only allow the user to apply adhesive with precision but will save money as well. It’s all too often that a woodworker will close a glue bottle after using it only to find a hardened-gelatinous filled bottle the next time they need it. Nothing is more frustrating to a craftsman than wasting an entire bottle of glue because the lid was thought to be closed. If you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive way to make someone’s day, give them a quality glue bottle.

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8. Cut Resistant Gloves

We’ve all been there, you are making a cut and you just happen the nick your hand. Then the NSFW words starting brewing in your head. It happens to everybody, so why not give the gift that ends the pain. With a custom fit, your woodworker will still have the flexibility to complete his work. While they are light and flexible they also boast being 4x stronger than leather to prevent all cuts. And don’t just take our word for it, they have a nearly perfect Amazon rating. There are even rumors in the question and answer section that they hold up against ninja attacks.

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birthday gifts for woodworkers9. Woodworking Diploma

Here’s the ideal gift for those who enjoy a good laugh! This woodworking diploma is fully customizable allowing you to add any name and date you choose. This is a great custom novelty gift with a personalized touch that will show your uniqueness or celebrate someone’s favorite interest, talent or hobby. Featured on this certificate is an official embossed GOLD SEAL for added appeal, making it look just official enough to fool an unsuspecting viewer.

That’s a pretty good list if you ask us! Be careful if you chose to stray away from the list because woodworkers know a cheap product when they see one, and they don’t have space for gifts that don’t serve a purpose.

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gifts for woodworkers10. IdealWall

Needing some additional organization in your garage? IdealWall from Bench Solution makes garage organization easy. This slatted wall is easy to install and perfect for organizing all your gadgets and tools in your garage.

The IdealWall is also a perfect compliment to the Bench Solution folding workbench. Coupled together, you can free up space and keep your garage organized and clutter-free.

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