How to Make the Most of Your Folding Workbench

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Space is precious in a busy, full garage. You want to ensure you have room for the car, tools, and sports equipment, right? Bench Solution folding workbench is the perfect solution for a garage with limited space. In between weekend projects and quick fixes, Bench Solution folding workbench folds down when not in use to allow space for the car or walking space in the garage. Keeping an organized garage can be a challenge, but with Bench Solution folding workspace you are one step closer to obtaining a spacious, organized garage. Continue the organization process by following these tips to maximize the area surrounding your Bench Solution folding workbench.

Hang Tools

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To ensure easy access to tools while working on a project at your workbench, keep tools organized directly above the workbench. This helps keep loose tools off the bench and in a designated area. Installing an Idealwall above your folding workbench will help maximize tool storage and allow for other neat organization opportunities. Ideal wall is easy to install and comes with a wide variety of hooks, baskets, magnetic strips and shelves perfect for storing tools of all shapes and sizes. Hang tools according to size and purpose. Additionally, keep most frequently used tools at eye level so they are easy to locate and access.

Extra Storage Nearby

Keep other tools and materials near the work bench, but organized and de-cluttered with a tool chest, shelving or cabinets. Tool chests are great for expensive wrenches and drills that can be locked up while you aren’t using them. Store paint, wood, saws or other materials on shelving units that fit tightly to the wall. Cabinets are perfect for keeping products such as stains, cleaners, and dog food away from children or rodents. Cabinets are also a great place to store items to keep them free of dust or debris. Place frequently used tools in easy to reach places and less frequently used tools in high spaces or behind commonly used tools.

Standing or Sitting?

Bench Solution | Folding Workbench

Bench Solution folding workbench is installed at the height you prefer to work at. If you prefer to stand while working at your workbench, plan to install Bench Solution folding workbench at a comfortable level that allows you to access tools and the surface while on your feet. A padded mat on the cement garage floor may help ease any potential back or joint pain from long weekends spent in the garage. If sitting while working is more comfortable, invest in a work chair or stool that is an appropriate height and stored easily when your Bench Solution folding workbench is folded down.

Keep Your Area Clean

After a messy project, be sure to organize tools, clean the space and fold down your Bench Solution folding workbench. It’s important to organize at the end of each task to ensure ease of the next project you focus on, and so tools do not get misplace. A broom and dustpan nearby are an easy fix for any wood shavings, dust or dirt that may have collected on the floor during your project. Lastly, keep a degreaser and a few work rags handy for oil spills, paint drips, or other liquid messes. Cleaning and organizing after every project allows space to put down the work bench when the project is finished, pull the car in, and enjoy a spacious, organized garage.

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