5 Tips to Organizing and Preparing the Garage for Winter

Organizing and Preparing the Garage for Winter

Harsh wind, snow, and ice– sounds like a Midwestern winter! In many U.S. states the first signs of winter have made their appearance. If your car was left on the street during the first storm due to lack of space or organization in the garage, now is the time to reclaim your space and protect your valuable investment from the elements! Below, Bench Solution offers five tips to organizing and preparing the garage for winter.

1. Swap Summer/Fall Items for Winter Items

Fire up the space heater, find something hot to drink and spend an afternoon in the garage sorting through unorganized items. Begin by throwing out or donating old, unused items that are taking up valuable space in the garage. From there sort your items by season, category, or frequency of use. Whichever methods will work best for you is the right one. A good way to ensure the things you need are always at easy access is to sort by season. Put the summer sports equipment and gardening tools on the highest shelves or in totes on the ceiling and bring Christmas decorations, snow great, and shovels to an area of the garage you can access easily.

2. Organize and Store Items

A great way to organize frequently used items is with a wall organization system such as Ideal Wall. Ideal wall a slatwall system that allows you to hang and place items in a variety of ways, maximizing space and organization in the garage. Ideal Wall is customizable and comes with a variety of accessories to fit the needs and specifications of any garage.

Shelves, cabinets and ceiling storage are great ways to keep the garage organized. Decide what type of storage will fit best in your space and spend some time implementing a system to improve the functionality of your garage.

3. Get Rid of Bulky/Non-functional Items

Do you have a desk that never gets used or a huge workbench that eliminates walking space? Installing the Bench Solution folding workbench is the perfect solution for both of those issues. The only foldaway workbench of its kind can be installed at any height for a customized workspace. When you’re finished with your job, simply fold the workbench down and it takes only four inches of space. Lean more about Bench Solution folding workbench here.

4. Weather Proof Doors and Windows

Once the garage is organized, protect the contents of your garage and save on energy by weather proofing all doors and windows. To do this, check for rips or cracks in sealing that may allow cold air into the garage. If the seals are damaged or worn, replace the old or faulty seals.

5. Clean the Floor and Keep it Clean

The final and most important aspect of a functional garage is keeping it clean and dry of the elements. Sweep and wash the garage floor of summer/fall dirt and grime. As your car exits and enters the garage, clean the floor every now and then to prevent dirt build-up come spring. As snow and ice are common throughout the winter, keep items such as boxes or clothing items off the floor to keep them dry and clean.

Lastly, enjoy your clean, functional garage! Cold mornings and ice storms will leave you thankful for taking the time to improve the functionality of your garage.

To learn more about Bench Solution folding workbench or Ideal Wall, give Bench Solution a call at 319-730-0340 or view our products online here.

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