Spring Cleaning! The Perfect Time to Declutter and Organize Your Home

Once again Spring is finally in the air, and after months of being inside where clutter was inevitable, it is time to get up, get moving and organize your space! Preparing for Spring is about planning, cleaning, and organizing your home and garage now, so you can take advantage of the warm weather later, all while making upkeep more manageable. Having trouble finding the time and motivation to get your home organized? Think BBQ’s, patio parties, camping, and lazy springtime afternoons, and you’ll find the encouragement you need in no time.

Why do people always assume that Spring is the best time for cleaning? The reason is simple – storage rotation. Springtime naturally carries the connotation of change and has become synonymous with a fresh start, what better way to jump into that fresh start than with a clean and organized home? In many parts of the world, the seasons are about to change dramatically – and that means pulling stuff out of storage – everything from seasonal wardrobes to seasonal tools such as lawnmowers and gardening tools. At the same time, you may have a lot of things that you’d like to put back into storage: snow-blowers, sleds, winter sports gear, holiday decorations that never got put away. There’s no denying that it’s an ideal time to clean – if you can find the energy!

Spring cleaning isn’t just an opportunity to clear out your living quarters. It’s a chance to earn some money, re-examine your possessions, and even look toward the possibility of more cost-efficient housing. Take advantage of it. There are many unconventional ways to tackle projects such as these. Don’t let yourself get daunted by the overwhelming task that is Spring cleaning, make lists, set goals, get creative!

Bench Solution offers ideal storage solutions that can literally transform a simple space into a highly effective and organized storage area. Have an open wall in the garage? Try the IdealWall kit. This starter kit comes with utility hooks, a hanging basket and a storage rack to help you fully utilize your wall space! What about shelving? It is amazing what a few shelves can do to eliminate clutter. Our Shulte Shelf is lightweight yet durable and also includes hanging hooks for added convenience!

There are two ways to handle spring cleaning: the gradual method and the all-at-once method. If you can spare a weekend to do nothing but clean, the all-at-once method has a distinct advantage, in that you can get the whole job done at once – especially if your entire family can be persuaded to help. But if you can’t free up an entire day or weekend, you are stuck with the gradual route. Don’t worry – it can be done!

A great plan to adhere to is to have your Spring cleaning done completely by Memorial Day. The weather will just be getting to get perfect, company will be dropping by without warning and the weekends will more than likely be filled up with outdoor activities and sunshine. Have your list done and you will have time to enjoy the nice weather…until the snow starts to fall and you are forced to dig out the Holiday décor once again. Happy Spring cleaning!

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