Upgrading Your Folding Garage Workbench

Customized height for workbench

You work hard, but your workbench works even harder. The dirt, grease, oil, paint, and grime your workbench takes decreases the life span and the look of your workbench. Taking care of your folding garage workbench from Bench Solution can extend the life of the work top table. Here are a few tips to upgrade and protect your foldaway workbench.

  • If you are a car junkie, you know about the grease and the oil that is associated with working on your automobile. Keeping your workbench clean and organized is a tough job. How do you protect and easily clean your workbench you ask? Here’s a quick tip, add a sheet metal cover with a drip edge sloped gutter over the top of your workbench. When you are finished with your project, simply squeegee the oil into the sloped gutter, drain into a bucket and wipe the surface with some shop towels. Take it a step further and drill a hole at one end of the sloped gutter and insert a flexible vinyl tube to allow the oil to easily drain into a bucket without spilling. The metal cover also prevents grease stains to the top of your workbench extending the life of your workbench top.
  • Another tip for upgrading your workbench is to add laminate flooring.  Although it sounds odd, leftover scraps of laminate flooring make for a tough, easy to clean workbench surface. Dried glue and paint are no match for the laminate flooring. The top wear layer of laminate flooring protects it from stains, spills, and the need to clean the surface when you are finished.  All of these aspects work together and can extend the life of the laminate even more. Fasten the laminate with small finishing nails to keep it from moving around, and if you ever need to replace it, you can pry it off for easy replacement.
  • Do you ever find yourself needing to write a measurement down or have a genius idea for a new project, but you don’t have anything to write on? Writing on the top of a wood workbench can damage the wood, decreasing the life span of your workbench top. Adding a melamine workbench topper can solve those problems. You can write on it easily, and erase your notes, measurements, and ideas when you are finished. With this simple addition, dried glue scrapes off easy, varnish spills don’t stick, and if you have something heavy you are working on, it easily slides on the slick surface for easy positioning. In addition, when one side gets worn out, just flip over the other side, exposing a brand new melamine surface ready for any project you throw its way.
  • An easy on the wallet way to protect your workbench top is to add a rosin paper towel holder to one end of your workbench. The rosin paper absorbs all the glue, paint, or finish and when the paper gets too dirty, just roll a new sheet over, tear off the dirty sheet, and throw it away. You can find directions on how to install the jumbo rosin paper towel holder to the end of your workbench here.
  • Another easy and even more cost effective, not to mention environmentally friendly way to protect your workbench top is to add a tension-rolled window shade on one end of your workbench. Just make sure to wipe away any paint or glue that gets spilled onto the shade, or let the surface completely dry before you roll it back up. Most home improvement stores will cut the shade to the length you need, so measure your workbench top before heading out to purchase your window shade.

Using these simple tips, your folding workbench can withstand the test of time no matter what the project is.

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