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Bench Solution | Commercial Uses

Business is booming. Your mechanics are busy. Jobs and work orders keep pouring in. But each day your workshop takes a pounding. And sometimes you just don’t have enough space. You need sturdy and reliable industrial equipment that will save you time and money.


Bench Solution can help.

We manufacture a high-grade commercial workbench designed to simplify your workflow and workspace.

Our heavy-duty folding workbench is the perfect starting place for your workplace. Easy to install, this solid hardwood workbench is built to hold up to 400 pounds.

Pull it down when you need it; fold it up when you don’t. When folded, Bench Solution takes less than four inches of space. Bench Solution is an ideal space saving, on-demand workbench.

Imagine having a row of these tough wall mount workbenches along your shop walls. Versatile and safe, Bench Solution allows you to easily meet all your commercial job demands.

After you complete your projects, quickly fold up Bench Solution to maximize all the square footage in your business. A two-latch system keeps the bench locked safely in place.


Now that you’ve saved space, you can also reduce stress and clutter.

Don’t waste time looking for tools and equipment. Make it easy for all your team members to find the right parts for the right job. Use our IdealWall line of slatwall organizational solutions to store the tools of your industrial trade.

Line your commercial workspace with these space saving slatwall solutions. From home mechanics to professional diesel and auto and aviation mechanics, people who work with their hands love the simplicity of our affordable IdealWall solutions.

Easy to install, IdealWall is durable and mold and waterproof. It can take whatever treatment your mechanics dish out. Each slatwall panel is 96” wide and 12” tall. You can configure the panels—available in both white and grey— to custom fit your workspace needs.

The one-inch groove spacing of the slatwall panels allows you to hang items closer to each other to save space. Name a tool and Bench Solution wall mount workbench has a great place and a great way to store it.

Boost your organizational options by adding IdealWall accessories like slatwall shelves, baskets, and tool racks. You can further customize your space by selecting a variety of hooks including:

  • Back hooks
  • Dual hooks
  • S-hooks
  • 45-degree hooks

Organize your industrial space today. Choose between starter kits and Pro kits for both our Bench Solution and Ideal Wall products. We’ll ship your order within 1-3 business days so you can begin enjoying all the conveniences of a Bench Solution commercial workbench.

Bench Solution

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