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Bench Solution and IdealWall are perfect for any home garage organization project. In this video, we see how Matt and Mandy transformed their small, cluttered garage with an organization garage makeover from Bench Solution.

A story many of us can relate to:

garage workbench

They moved into their 2-story home just over a year ago, and they’ve already filled their small, 2-stall garage with enough clutter—enough to drive Mandy crazy.

"I kept telling Matt, 'We need to do something with all this stuff'," Mandy said. "It’s so cluttered, I can hardly get our daughter in and out of the car. And when I pull in and I see that old kitchen cabinet Matt uses as a workbench…it drives me crazy."

So, it's out with the old and in with the new. We'll give Matt a real workbench that doesn’t waste valuable space, and we'll give Mandy some peace of mind. It's time for a garage organization makeover. Watch the transformation.

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