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IdealWall Starter Kit

Weight: 11.14 lbs
Price: $108.87
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Product Overview

Instead of letting your sport equipment or yard tools clutter up your garage, get a Starter Kit for your IdealWall. As easy as 1, 2, 3 your garage would be clutter-free.

IdealWall Starter Kit Includes:

QW154 S-Hook
QW159 6" Dual Hook (2)
QW56 SCHULTE Big Everything Hook
QW95 SCHULTE Loop Hook
QW57 Double Back Hook; 1" Deep (2)
QW58 Double Back Hook; 4" Deep (2)
QW60 4 Inch 45degree Hook (2)
QW72 SCHULTE Big Tool Rack
QW87 Utility Basket

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