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Workbench & IdealWall Kit

Dimensions: 24.00" x 1.50" x 60.00"
Weight: 125.00 lbs
Price: $499.99 $399.99
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garage work table
foldable workbench
foldable workbench
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garage bench
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Product Overview

It's Strong

Bench Solution is a heavy-duty workbench that is strong enough to handle your projects. It has a large 60”W x 24” D x 1.5” solid hardwood butcher block bench top, and it is incredibly strong—with a 400 pound load rating.

It's Safe

The Bench Solution fold down workbench is incredibly safe, utilizing a two-latch safety system that prevents the top from lowering unintentionally. 

It Takes No Space

Here’s the best part. Bench Solution is the perfect space-saving solution for your garage. The Bench Solution is there when you need it, and seamlessly folds away when you don’t. 


Conveniently organize your garage workspace with Ideal Wall. Ideal Wall is a slatwall panel with unique, one-inch groove spacing, allowing for exact placement of any item. We offer a complete line of hooks, baskets, and other slatwall accessories to keep your workbench clutter-free.*


*Disclaimer: Accessories pictured are for display purposes only! These accessories can be purchased separately.

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