IdealWall™ FAQs

How do I locate a dealer in my area?

Contact Bench Solution customer service. Phone: 319-449-2055

What are the IdealWall specifications?

  • 96"W x 12"H x 1/4" polymer panel
  • Available Colors: Grey or White
  • Panels can be easily cut to fit specific areas using a circular or 14-16" miter saw.

What screws do I use to install IdealWall?

IdealWall screws are the only recommended screws for use with the IdealWall panel.

Do I need to pre-drill holes for IdealWall?

No pre-drilling is required.

What sets the IdealWall Solution panel apart from other “similar” products on the market?

  • IdealWall is the most versatile wall panel organizational system on the market. It can accommodate all non-proprietary “L” shaped and pegboard hooks, baskets plus the full line of SCHULTE Accessory Products.
  • The spacing of the hooking grooves on the slatwall panel allows items to be hung in a closer proximity to each other without wasting space. This allows end users to hang items where they want to hang them!
  • IdealWall accommodates nearly any slatwall hook or accessory available on the market. The slatwall accessory will hook into the panel at both the top and the bottom of the bracket. This feature is key to keeping hooks and/or baskets from coming off the wall by accident.
  • Because it does not have grooves on the back side, IdealWall lays flat to the wall. This is an important feature because the grooved spaces found on other slatwall panels all a convenient space for bees, spiders, flies or other insects to make a home, eventually getting into the walls undetected.

How much does IdealWall weigh?

IdealWall weighs 14 pounds per panel.

What's the maximum weight IdealWall can support?

The weight capacity is determined by the type of bracket used.

Is it easy to install IdealWall?

IdealWall can easily be installed by anyone who has tools, is familiar with the use of tools and understands the construction of walls. Another option would be to hire a qualified installer. See how easy IdealWall is to install.

What tools do I need to install IdealWall?

Pencil, level, tape measure, drive bits, electric drill, circular and/or compound miter saw for smaller installs. The panels can be cut to a desired length using a standard circular saw. For larger installs a compound miter saw with a 14-16" blade will save time.

What accessories can be used on the IdealWall slatwall panel?

IdealWall can accommodate all existing non-proprietary "L" shaped and pegboard hooks and baskets. It can also accommodate the full line of SCHULTE accessory products.

How do I clean IdealWall paneling?

IdealWall can be easily cleaned with a light household degreaser/cleaner.

Where do I call for additional IdealWall information?

Contact Bench Solution customer service. Phone: 319-449-2055

Is IdealWall a patented product?

IdealWall has a patent pending status.

In what time frame can I expect to receive my shipment?

IdealWall or Bench Solution workbench ships in 1-3 working days. Depending on the physical location from FOB Houston, TX a workbench will be received in 4-7 working days unless other arrangements are made with the Bench Solution shipping department.

Can IdealWall be installed over drywall?

Yes. It can also be installed on bare studs and concrete walls. See "Concrete Installation" instructions under Customer Care section of this website.

Does installing IdealWall eliminate the need for drywall on the wall between a home and attached garage?

Building codes require drywall on walls that share interior home space. However, you can eliminate drywall on non-shared walls and save the expense of drywall and paint. Depending on the state you live in you may still want to insulate all walls with or without drywall on them.

Can I use more than one IdealWall color on a wall?

Yes! This can create a dramatic visual effect. For example, if your primary IdealWall color is gray, you may choose to have a band of white IdealWall just before the top or bottom panel to create a racer effect. Typically, this band will be one or two panels high depending on how much wall is being covered with the IdealWall. The height of a panel is 12 inches.

How do I return a product?

You can return a product up to 30 days from purchase. The customer is responsible for return shipping/insurance and there is also a 10% restocking fee. Contact Bench Solution customer service to start your return.