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Perfect for Organizing Your Home or Garage

If you’re like most people, space is at a premium in your garage or home. Garage organization is the key to making efficient use of the space you have. IdealWall, a high-quality garage wall orginizer, is a perfect solution for maximizing space and keeping things organized and clutter-free, and can come in handy for nearly any room in your house.

IdealWall’s unique design allows for a perfect fit for most slatwall hooks, baskets and shelving, including peg board accessories. We offer a full array of accessories to accommodate a variety of organizational needs—whether it’s organizing tools, ladders and shovels or toys, balls and bikes.

It can be used as more than simply a garage wall organizer. Think outside the box for a moment, and consider how IdealWall can make more efficient use of space in other rooms in your house. Maximize your space in your walk-in closet, workout room, office or den, kitchen pantry, and nearly any other room in your house.

Check out our full line of IdealWall slatwall accessories to see which will best serve your organizational needs.

IdealWall Features:

  • Unique Design — Its unique design allows the most brackets to lock securely into place preventing hooks, baskets and shelving from unintentionally falling off the wall. Items can be hung in a closer proximity to each other than on most other slatwall panel systems, providing for a more efficient use of space.
  • Attractive — Fresh, new design that is an attractive solution for your organizational needs. The slatwall panel is available in either white or cool gray.
  • Durable — This vinyl polymer slatwall panel system stays attractive through many years of use.
  • Easy to Use — Designed for ease of handling and installation.
  • Mold & Waterproof — Exclusively formulated vinyl polymer product that is easy to keep clean.
  • Versatile & Compatible — Allows all non-proprietary hooks, baskets and shelves to work on it, even pegboard hooks. It’s a perfect slatwall solution both residential and retail use.

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